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If you have had a positive experience with Charter Mercantile, would like to pass on a compliment to an individual collector, or have any general feedback then please let us know via our feedback form.




We do recognise that sometimes we can get things wrong.  We will do our best to correct any mistakes and resolve any problem or complaint that you might have within 21 days wherever possible. 
To lodge a complaint please complete the online complaints form.

Alternatively you can raise your complaint by telephone, letter, facsimile or email
Contact Charter Mercantile’s Dispute Resolution Manager:
• Phone: 07 3620 7500
• Facsimile: 07 3284 6855
• Email: please use feedback form
• In Writing: Charter Mercantile, PO BOX 559, Redcliffe QLD - 4020

Recording your Complaint

All complaints will be recorded in our complaint and dispute register. Where a complaint cannot be resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction immediately, it may be necessary to answer some additional questions in order to provide all relevant information so that we can properly investigate the complaint.

Complaint resolution

We will do our utmost to resolve the matter in a timely fashion. If we cannot resolve the matter promptly due to its complexity, you will be advised in writing.

Both compliments and complaints help us to continually work on our service to you.

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