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Our competitive edge is based on providing fast, fact-based decisions on customer risk, especially when it involves large volume customer contact within the Electricity, Gas and Water industry.

Charter Mercantile’s proprietary COSMOS collection management systems co-ordinates each account through the pre-agreed collection cycle. This solution keeps time frames accurate through each tier of the cycle and keeps your credit departments informed and in control with progress reports.

Legal and field services are also available for larger accounts.

Our Insolvency Services are designed to help save your credit team time by managing matters that have been in the system for a few years.

Maximise Market Penetration

Our comprehensive collection suite includes a multi-seat Predictive Dialler Technology across all areas of debt recovery. Our experience reveals that PD campaigns provide efficient account filtering processes that enable allocation of specifically skilled resources to the desired areas.

Any account without a phone number will be identified and raised in the system when being loaded.

How you benefit from onshore/offshore outsourcing:

  • High yield relatively low cost facilities
  • Improved delivery times
  • 27/7 project delivery capabilities
  • More efficient use of in-house resources
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Increased opportunities for quality assurance
  • Better problem resolution and management


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