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Since 1986, Charter Mercantile has been providing collection and litigation services to Government Departments and Councils.

Our operational model is built around our sophisticated technology platform and data intelligence, which is attuned to the needs, requirements and collection styles appropriate to our public sector customers, Government agencies and Local Government.

Not only do our systems cater for the specialised reporting necessary for Government Credit Management, but is matched to our highly skilled workforce and our strong compliance framework to adhere to Privacy and Confidentiality.

Additionally, our legal panel is attuned to the changing requirements of the various public sectors & will issue claims covering a wide variety of accounts and matters.

Our collection methodologies are designed to:

  • Understand the requirement to confirm collection practices towards Local government Legislation and individual agency ACTs
  • Align requirements to billing cycles and purpose scripted letters
  • Create and maintain a sense of urgency
  • Minimise litigation costs
  • Achieve optimal recovery rates through innovation and negotiation

We are firmly committed to providing receivable management solutions for the ever-changing challenge of Public Sector Credit Management.

Use of “Best in Class” Technology to Manage Accounts and Performance

Our extensive global experience with major business and Government departments has contributed to the development of our systemic purpose built collection system delivering best in class credit and portfolio management.

Our technology will:

  • Ensure adherence to Legislation as well as the Privacy Principals
  • Control and regulate inbound & outbound communication
  • Track and measure access to data by audit trails and footprints
  • Ensure security of data and its integrity
  • Capture all correspondence into the customer file
  • Deliver comprehensive and timely reporting  to suit your needs
  • Track and measure collection costs to maximise your revenue returns
  • Provide secured on-line access
  • Effectively manage volume data transfer and collection treatment

Our systems have been designed to seamlessly work in partnership with client protocols. This means immediate and efficient transfer of information from one system to another, allowing Charter Mercantile to action matters instantly. Furthermore, it guarantees the provision of regular, timely and accurate updates at any time.


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