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Charter Mercantile provides collection services both nationally and internationally.

In addition to providing traditional debt recovery services in commercial and consumer environments, we offer a variety of other valuable services:

1st Party Collections

Early stage collecting of delinquent (1-90days) and over limit accounts. A zero commission customer focused service, initiating courtesy reminders and requesting payment on behalf of organisations, freeing up valuable internal resources.


3rd Party Collections

Charter has traditionally had a large consumer finance and telecommunications client base due to an ability to achieve outstanding collection results. Historically we have also assisted our clients in reducing the advent of 'creaming' accounts at the agency collection level.


Hardship & Sensitive Debt Management

Negotiating settlements and long-term arrangements for banking customers that require assistance of a sensitive nature.


Commercial Collections Services (CCS)

The collection of Business-to-Business accounts rather than business to customer.


Field Services Division (FSD)

Field services are necessary when face-to-face contact with a debtor is required. We deploy a locally based, trained and licenced operative to get the job done.


LIitigation & Insolvency Management

Charter provides a commercially responsible litigation service along with insolvency portfolio management.



Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard accreditated. We are externally audited every year to ensure the highest level of protection for our clients data.
Onshore/Offshore solutions An onshore/offshore solution, managed in Australia with lower offshore cost base
Proven IT infrastructure Proven IT infrastructure
Australian managed reporting and client relationships All reporting and client relationships managed in Australia
Six Sigma Quality Assurance Method Six Sigma Quality Assurance Methodology
Digital call monitoring Digital call monitoring and recording on a daily basis and downloadable from our website. Reports exported to Excel direct from your browser.
Australian PCI DSS compliant server storage All data remains in Australia on our PCI DSS compliant server
Full client access to review accounts and run reports Full client internet access to review accounts and run reports